Why choose S-inter ?

What you can expect

A greater flexibility on your after-sales service resources

At a time where cost pressures are becoming increasingly high, and your after-sales service workforce is scarce, externalising part of your tasks – especially your preventive maintenance – can allow your workforce to focus on key accounts, new machines and on practical applications.

Spreading costs

The intervention is totally handled by S-Inter, from the booking of the appointment to the administrative post-treatment. S-Inter technicians are managed and can access a call-centre that deals directly with interventions relative to your teams. Only the intervention is billed. This allows you to spread your costs without adding others.

Guarantee of quality

S-inter technicians work only for medical manufacturers and laboratories. Our manufacturer-clients train and validate them so they strictly reproduce your intervention processes, with a quality identical to your teams’.

Our assets

For our manufacturer-clients

Technical precision

To us, technical precision and quality go hand in hand. We put an emphasis on the expertise of our technicians through continuous training programs. In addition we ensure they follow our manufacturers’ trainings with diligence.


As genuine ambassador of your brand, S-inter constrains itself to keep total neutrality towards your clients. We put our client first and ensure that no information will leak outside our contractual relationship. This is the reason why S-Inter ethically excludes any third-party application maintenance.


S-Inter looks at all times to offer you the most adequate service that will best suit you and your company. S-Inter is apt to adapt to your processes and needs. Moreover, thanks to its extensive experience in the field, S-Inter is highly active in bringing forward new proposals and is thus able to suggest other improvements for your company.

For your user-clients


When using our services, the responsiveness expected by your clients becomes our responsibility: we meet their expectations through an optimal technical geographic coverage, combined with an instant management of task orders.


While working at your clients’, S-Inter becomes the ambassador of your company and reinforces your brand by ensuring a high quality of services. This is the reason why S-Inter considers quality to be of paramount importance and places it above all other concerns. Special attention is given to your procedural requirements, as well as to providing you with a detailed report of the intervention.