35 years of experience and learning

1980 – Creation of S-inter.

The company’s first steps take place under the name ‘Securelec’. From a unique client (France Télécom), the company rapidly expands its customer base by increasing its range of actions to electronic and IT repairs.

1996 - ISO 9001 certification

For the first time, S-Inter obtains the ISO 9001 certification, which testifies of its quality services and processes.

Since then, S-inter followed the ISO 9001 iterations and has always maintained its Quality Management System to the highest level, to support the needs of its manufacturer-clients and meet the highest demands of its user-clients.

1997 – Opening of an agency in Ile-de-France

S-inter opens an agency in the Paris area and quickly becomes a supplier for global micro-computing manufacturers.

1998 – Beginning of medical fieldwork

Creation of biomedical activities in 1998 thanks to a new client: Beckman Coulter.

2000 – Launching of medical field activities

In 2000 arrives another crucial client, Biomérieux: on-site maintenance is born.  In the meantime, S-inter is being restructured to support its growth, by absorbing the Sertinfo company and by merging all of its activities into S-Inter SA.

October 2007 –Acquisition of S-inter

Mr.Weil, with the ‘Croissance Nord-Pas-de-Calais, filiale de L’IRD’ fund, purchases S-Inter and gives it a new mindset: growth and restructuring become key elements for greater efficiency and enhanced customer proximity. Human scale company, market-driven and customer-oriented business, adaptation to clients’ specific needs, responsiveness, as well as quality of service, constitute S-inter core values, which has insured its indisputable success through the years.

2009 – Suspension of electronic services in the Paris Area.

2010 – Démarrage de l’activité terrain au Benelux

2012 – Suspension of Canon photo repairs service

2015 – Rachat de la société GST

Douzes techniciens itinérants fonctionnant sur le même modèle que S-inter (sous-traitance constructeur) dans l’imagerie médicale (échographie, consoles de post-traitement dimage, injecteurs de produit de contraste…).