S-inter the after sales service for manufacturers
Technical prowess
For us technical prowess cannot be separated from quality. Thus we pay great attention to the expertise of our technicians through in-service training programmes. Furthermore, we make sure they follow your training courses on a regular basis.
By calling upon S-Inter, the reactivity
that your customer expects of you
becomes our responsibility: we respond
to this with optimum technical coverage
of the territory combined with immediate management of the job orders.
A veritable ambassador for your brand,
S-Inter keeps the strictest neutrality
with regard to your customers. We are dealing first and foremost with your customer and no information will be
allowed to filter out from our contractual relationship. This is the reason why
S-Inter refuses on ethical grounds
to contract out any maintenance.
Once we go to your customer's,
the S-Inter technician is the guarantor
of your brand image. This is the sole
reason why S-Inter puts quality above
any other consideration. Very special
care is taken to see that this procedure
is complied with and this is reflected
in the job report we return to you.

S-Inter seeks at all times to provide
you with the service most tailored
to your needs. S-Inter is therefore in a position to adapt itself to your processes and needs. By virtue of its experience,
S-Inter is also a force for change
and can as a fully-fledged partner suggest improvements to you.