S-inter, maintenance and service since 1980

1980: birth of S-Inter
The "first steps" of S-Inter took place in 1980 under the name
of SECURECELEC. Starting with one single client (France Telecom),
the company quickly increased its clientele by extending its field
of action to electronic and computer repair.

During the following 6 years, the company continued its organic development
in the electronic and computer repair field and took on the name of S-Inter.

1996: ISO 9001certification
In 1996 S-Inter obtained ISO 9001certification for the first time bearing witness
to the effort put in to improve the quality of the services and processes.
This qualification has been kept to the present day.

1997: opening of an IDF agency
In 1997 S-Inter opened an agency in the Paris area and very quickly became
the supplier of world micro-computer manufacturers.

1998: start of the medical activity
Creation of the biomedical activity in 1998 thanks to a new client: Beckman Coulter.

2000 : launch of the "field" medical activity
In 2000 another flagship client came along - Biomerieux: on-site maintenance was born.
In the meantime S-Inter structured itself in order to support its growth by absorbing
the Sertinfo company and merging all its activities within S-Inter SA.

2003-2006: change in a time of crisis
After years of sustained growth, S-Inter demonstrated its great ability to adapt
as 2003 was marked by in-depth restructuring concerning the office automation market
and consequently the business of S-Inter which lost clients. Fortunately the strategic
reorientation already implemented in the biomedical field spared S-Inter.

In point of fact the biomedical business accounted for 50% of the company's turnover
in 2005 distributed between "on-site services" on the one hand, and "in-shop
reconditioning" on the other hand.

In 2006 S-Inter continued to refocus on the biomedical sector and withdrew
from network cabling, electronic engineering and SSII micro-computer activities.

October 2007: take-over of S-Inter by M.Weill
M Weill with the support of the "Croissance Nord Pas de Calais" fund,
a subsidiary of IRD, bought S-Inter and set the company in a new dynamic:
growth and reorganisation for greater efficiency and proximity to its clients.

Of a human size, listening to the market and the clients, adapting to their needs,
reactivity and quality, year after year, the guarantee of its success.